Business Consultancy

We would like to offer your company services in organizational management and IT consulting.

In the field of optimization of administrative processes for your company, we can:

  • Develop a management strategy
  • Produce structuring of the company and create the right business processes
  • Conduct activity regulation of the company to optimize corporate standards
  • Optimize organizational structure, system of responsibility and system of motivation
  • Offer our systems to optimize management processes

In the field of optimization the production system for your company, we can:

  • Create the right operating system of the company
  • Make an inventory of business processes and organizational structure reformat the business system to combat losses
  • Create corporate system of continuous improvement
  • Conduct implementation of the SCC elements in the body business enterprise
  • Suggest ways to optimize the company's activities; offer their systems to optimize innovation and interaction with suppliers and customers

In the area of optimization of the workflow for your company, we can:

  • Conduct an analysis and structuring of information flows
  • Simplify and optimize the entire workflow of the company

In the field of information technology for your company, we can:

  • Conduct an audit of information technology
  • Develop the right strategy for the development of IT
  • Develop architecture and the requirements of IT components
  • Help with the choice of information systems and infrastructure solutions for automation of various areas of activities

Our competence in consulting based on the professionalism and large practical experience of our employees.

Over the years of our work, we have successfully implemented the following solutions:

To introduce intellectual cases and IT-solutions for the largest IT companies. We marketed RF methodology structural IDEF and system ARIS analysis and engineered business processes and business systems. Provided organizational management support in the creation of a vertically integrated oil business for the largest petroleum company of Russia. Carried out justification of the production of synthetic fuels from natural gas for the gas industry. Organized branch structure of the sales network, having high efficiency and effectiveness accepted decisions, for a large trading company. Created corporate knowledge portal for the largest mobile operator. Developed a case for tracking changes in business systems and automatic adjustment corporate orders and regulatory and normative framework. We have created a scoring model for intellectual insurance product, and much more.

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