Engineering Systems

Konstruktor offers solutions in the field of creating and supporting of engineering infrastructure of local systems and computer assembly:

Structured Cabling Systems (SCS)

The professional organization of the cable system of a building is one of the key objectives of creating intellectual systems and determining the functioning reliability of all services and divisions of the modern office.

The common information structure combined computer and telephone networks, servers, printers, and other network equipment located in remote workplaces, fire detection and security alarm systems, video surveillance, television, radio, etc.

Properly constructed SCS is a reliable and flexible structure, which has developed tools for its management, monitoring and expansion.

Power supply systems, air conditioning, fire extinguishing and alarm system.

  • Technical systems of safety
  • Automated control systems of the engineering network of buildings
  • Security and communications

An integrated approach, which includes all stages from design to delivery of complex systems into operation "under key", guarantees a maximum effective result.

The advantages of structural cabling systems over conventional:

  • To transfer data, voice and video using a single cable system
  • Investments are justified by long-term use and network exploitation
  • SCS allows you to change the configuration of the cable system quickly and easily, without changing its capital bases
  • Simultaneous use of several different network protocols
  • Don’t depend on changes in technology and equipment provider
  • Use standard components and materials (unshielded cooper, and shielded twisted cable, fiber optic cable)
  • Allows management and administration of a minimum number of attendants
  • Allows you to combine fiber optic and copper cable in one network

Professional installers of Konstruktor quickly and efficiently route the cables of computer and telephone networks in accordance with the modern standards.

The work is performed with the use of high quality components.

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