Outsourcing of IT-infrastructure

Konstruktor Company offers outsourcing of IT services, dramatical cost reduction of IT infrastructure and personnel, with the possibility to go directly to the customer or remotely:

Technical maintenance of computer and office equipment:

  • Installation and connection of computer equipment, network equipment, office equipment
  • Installation of the operating systems, utilities, drivers
  • Preventative measures for maintenance of technical devices, elimination of problems and troubleshooting
  • Replacing and disposing consumables, technical devices
  • Development and support of proposals to increase production capacity network, servers, network equipment, office equipment
  • Supply in accordance with the specification of computers, network, and office equipment

Exploitation of local networks, technical systems, and peripherals, corporate information systems and office applications:

  • Efficiency control
  • Eliminating abnormal and emergency situations
  • Consulting assistance for users
  • Exploitation of operating software
  • Possibility for remote or localized service

Fulfillment of general contracting functions by company informatization:

  • Diagnosis of needs in information business-services
  • Technical development of tasks to automate activities
  • Analysis and development of proposals for the selection of corporate supplier information system
  • Preparing and conducting the tender for the implementation of corporate information system
  • Implementation, coordination and functional development of the corporate information systems and improving the efficiency of business information services
  • Supervision for the maintenance of a corporate information system

Development and customization of information business-services (corporate information systems):

  • Full cycle of works from setting a task to input of applied information system into operation
  • Inspection of an application of the business environment, management systems, information flow
  • Development of requirements on the integration of business processes and business information services of the corporate information system
  • Development and approval of the technical project
  • Testing, loading current data, commissioning enterprise information system
  • Setting up a corporate information system in accordance with the requirements of a technical project
  • Warranty and post-warranty service of corporate information system
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