Our own custom software

At www.konstruktor.com portal, we offer an integrated internet-service system for business and for any person.

By cooperating with us, the best functionality will be available to you, which will enhance your competitiveness:

  • Collaboration in the project with a comfortable setting, multi-level distribution of responsibilities and tasks
  • Management planning and execution of projects with budgets with possibility of binding operations to internet banking
  • Organic and simple task management interface
  • Time management (for personal project) with a broad analytical interactive features and the best mode of distribution loading
  • Staff recruitment, resume check, team management, determining cost of labor, staffing management
  • Customer relationship management and actualization of customer database
  • Easy file sharing and the ability to collaborate on documents
  • Unlimited storage operation and easy access to it
  • ● IT-infrastructure (including: mobile devices, PCs, printers, copiers). Moreover, supplied with the devices control system of IT infrastructure and their distribution between employees, online reporting of costs for the use of devices real-time, full service support 24/7
  • Attracting investments into projects. Search of projects for investments
  • Chat with the ability to exchange various information for operational interaction between employees
  • Creation of a knowledge portal
  • Search for partners and contractors for design and operational tasks

Any company can start to use the site for absolutely free, in future, purchase services that are only required. In fact, this is a new look at the construction of IT infrastructure and business processes. About 80% of Konstruktor services are freely available.

Konstruktor portal allows for more than 50% reduction of their IT budget and to optimize other budget items. Upon organization of new jobs or their modernization, is no longer required in purchasing IT-equipment.

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